Gaon Holdings, one of Israel’s most prestigious and admired holding companies. The company is characterized by rapid growth as well as by a business and social vision. The company was founded in 1998 by the late Mr. Benjamin Gaon - winner of the Israel Association of Manufacturers Award, and one of Israel’s most prominent industrialist and business leader.

Gaon Holdings is a publicly traded company on the TASE headed by its Chairman Mr. Moshe Gaon and by the CEO Mr. Avi Hochman. The company strives for growth and expansion, focusing on three areas of operation - Cleantech / Water, Financial services, Retail/Trading. Gaon Holdings usually manages businesses whose headquarters are in Israel.
    The company owns and develops companies and enterprises with significant growth potential in the above three areas. Gaon Holdings manages, acquires and improves companies with strong growth potential and financial strength. Vast managerial experience combined with financial power and a dominant presence in each of its areas of operation, provides Gaon Holdings with a secure platform to expand its assets portfolio. Implementing its company’s vision, Gaon Holdings integrates between focused portfolio management and contributing to the Israeli society by encouraging and promoting domestic industry in Israel.