Board Members- Gaon Group

Harel Beit-Iyun On – Chairman of the Board of Directors

Founder and Partner in the Viola Private Equity Fund

Education: B.A. in Economics (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Master’s in Business Administration (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Previous positions: CEO and Chairman of Technomatics, Chairman of I.C. Tel.

Sami Totah

General Partner at Viola Growth

Previous positions: a former Senior Vice President of Operation (COO) at Amdocs (NYSE:DOX), extensive global experience in leading and serving tier-one telecom giants such as Vodafone (Germany), T-Mobile US, Tele Denmark (TDC) and KT FreeTel (Korea).

Guy Regev

Gaon Group & Gaon Holdings CEO

Education: Law degree (from the Kiryat Ono Academic College), degree in Business Administration and Accounting (College of Management, Ramat Gan).

Previous positions: CEO of the Shaked Global Group, and Deputy VP for Commerce with the Shikun U’Binui Group.

Ronen Wolfman

CFO of Hutchison Water

Education: B.A in Economics and accounting (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Master’s in Business Administration (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Previous positions: CEO- Mekorot, CFO IMI Systems, Director of budgets at the Ministry of Finance



Tirza Florentin

an Independent Director Investor and Consultant

Education: M.A. in Business Economics and a B.A. in Economics from Tel Aviv Universityת TGMP program at Harvard Business School graduate

Previous positions:an Independent Director of Kafrit Industries (1993) Ltd. since February 20, 2013. She serves as Director at Hidro-Industries Tynat Ltd., Hydro Industries Ltd., Antenna Audio Limited, IGI-Israel Fund management Ltd., Kafrit Ltd., Degania Silicone Ltd., Epsilon Mutual Funds (1991) Ltd., Epsilon Mutual Fund Management Ltd and Ottoleng HI UK Ltd. Ms. Florentin is an Independent Director,


Boaz Laor

ceo DOCOR International Management

Education: B.Sc. in Economics from Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Previous Positions: President at Chemagis Ltd. Chief Executive Officer at Docor International Management. served as President of Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He held numerous high-level management positions, including Executive Vice President and President of U.S. Operations at Quark Biotech; President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Coal Supply Corporation of Israel; 

Dana Gross

Chief Executive Officer, Btendo Ltd

Education: M.A. in business administration from San Jose State University and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Tel-Aviv University

Previous Positions: an independent venture partner at Camel Ventures, a Senior VP, Israel Country Manager at SanDisk Corporation.various senior positions at M-Systems, including Chief Marketing Officer, VP World Wide Sales, President of M-Systems Inc. (US Subsidiary) and CFO, VP Finance and Administration. In addition, Ms. Gross served as a director of M-Systems Ltd., Audiocodes Ltd. and PoweDsine Ltd.



Moshe Gaon

Owner and Chairman Gaon investment LTD., Moshe Gaon Holdings Ltd.

Education: BA in Political Science and Communication (Tel Aviv University), Master of Science in Advertising (Northwestern University, Illinois, USA).
Past experience: Chairman Gaon Holdings, director in Gaon various companies. Chairman of Aqua Agro fund. Chairman Telad Broadcasting, Partner and CEO Baumann Ber Rivnay Saatchi & Saatchi group. Strategic consultant to commercial companies, social organizations and political candidates.


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