Our Team

Guy Regev


Education: L.L.B Kiryat Ono Academic College, B.A Business Administration and Accounting, College of Management, Ramat Gan

Previous positions: CEO of the Shaked Global Group, and Deputy VP for Commerce with the Shikun U’Binui Group.

Nissim Lachem, Accountant

Deputy VP of Finance

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting (Academic track of the Academic College of Tel Aviv)

Previous positions: Deputy VP for Finance of Dash Aipax Holdings Ltd., Chairman of Tachlit ETFs, Joint CEO of Dash Stock Market Services Ltd., VP of Finance at Meitav Dash Investments, CEO of Meitav Dash Stock Market Services Ltd., Deputy to CEO of Gaon Capital Markets Ltd.

Martine Ashraf, Adv.

Legal Advisor and Company Secretary

Education: LL.B in Law (Herzlia Interdisciplinary Center), B.A. in Business Administration (Herzlia Interdisciplinary Center), admitted to the Israeli Bar (2004).

Previous position: Attorney with Chaim Ashell, Attorneys.

Danit Mor Yosef

CEO - Commerce Division

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Previous positions: CEO Gilvun company of Gaon Group | CEO "zaitman" Industries | Sales department manager "MAN Truck & Bus"

Michel Allouch

CEO - M.E.P Systems Division

Education: BSc in Civil Engineering (Technicon), MBA Real Estate Valuation and Management (Haifa University)

Previous positions: VP Business Development, Tahal Group, VP Marketing and Development, Palram Industries, Various positions in Construction Engineering and Management, CEO Hakohav Valves


Moshe Misgav

CEO - Metering & Control Division

Education: B.A Economics and Accounting (Tel Aviv University)

Previous positions: Deputy VP for Finance, and Deputy to the CEO of B. Gaon Holdings Ltd., Deputy VP for Mergers and Acquisitions of B. Gaon Holdings Ltd., and Manager of the Research Department of Dash Aipax Holdings Ltd.

Rafi Ifergan

CEO - Projects Division

Education: B.A. in Chemical Engineering (Ben Gurion University), certificate studies in Advanced Business Administration (Tel Aviv University).

Previous position:CEO of the Middle East Pipes Factory, VP, Engineering at the Mekorot Company.

Ido Shefer

Chief Operations Officer

Education: B.A. in economics & logistics Bar Ilan university


Previous positions: Shalem packing industry - COO, Uniliver - Factory manager, Logistics manager, Uniliver logistics center manager, Sultam Systems -Logistics manager



Ety Neumann

VP of human resources

Education: B.A Political Sience Bar Ilan University,  Human Resources study Bar Ilan University

Previous Positions:  Nestlea Osem Human Resources manager, Tzabar Factory Nestlea Osem Human Resources manager, Logistics Center


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