Plastic Pipes

We offer a wide portfolio of leading brands that covers everything from sewage and water distribution to gas and petrochemicals applications and is widely recognized for high quality,durability and reliability.

Manufactred by PALGAL & PLASSIM


Water Distribution Pipes:

Merilplen PP 20-500 mm

Galflex, Meriflex PE100 20-1200 mm

Meriam PVC 20-710 mm

Galron Polybutylene 16-225 mm

Pexline Pex 16-32 mm

Galnur CPVC (for fire protection systems) 3/4"-3"

Merigon PE100 PP coated 110-400



Meribiv PVC 110-710 mm

Magnum HDPE 400-1200 mm

Merikrah PE100 pipe  with a PP structured profile 600-2400 mm


Plumbing Systems:

Meriziv PVC 75-110 mm

Merisar PP 32-110 mm

Meritherm, Movilit HDPE 32-315 mm


Gas Distribution:

Merigas PE100 20-400 mm


Power and Communication Cables

Merion PVC 110-225 mm

Merifon PVC 110


Residential Cabling solutions:

Meriron PVC 20-50 mm

Ducts according to client's requirements


Industrial pipes:

Meridur PVC 20-315



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